The Sisterhood of the Holy Virgin Mary Cathedral takes care of the decoration of the Church, the vestments, the furnishing of the clergy apartments and gardens, and finances charitable works by collecting funds and sponsoring luncheons and other enterprises. It helps provide funds each year for the support of three Orthodox theological seminaries and the Diocese of the West.

The consecration of our church took place on July 22, 1928. Prior to that time, our parish had been meeting for services at the Episcopal Church, where the first Liturgy was served in February, 1923, by Fr. Pavel Razumov. After the services there, most of the active parishioners would go to the home of Matushka Razumov for a cup of tea. Gradually, a ladies group was formed to look after all things having to do with cleaning and beautifying the church, purchasing icons and vestments. In 1928, the president of the Church Committee, A.A.Tolubeyev, proposed that a ladies society be officially organized. The project group, made up of those who had been active in the church for a long time, worked out a statute, which was soon adopted by the full committee of the society.

The main goals of the Society were the tidiness of the church, sewing and mending vestments, caring for the church garden, and philanthropic works. The work of the Society steadily developed and grew every year.

As a means of raising funds, the Society depended on the “cup of tea,” charitable bazaars, lectures, and balls. When the parish hall became available, regular lunches were organized after the Sunday Liturgy. In church, plate collections were taken up for the benefit of the Women’s Society – for support of the above-mentioned goals. As the Society and its means grew, its requirements expanded, and its goals were broadened. At the time of the Second World War, the Society had grown enough so that, besides its care for the church and Russians, it was possible to take part in patriotic work – helping the American GI, the USO and the American Red Cross. At the end of the war many parcels of food and clothing were sent to new refugees and emigrants.

The Sisterhood is under the protection of the Holy and lifegiving Trinity and celebrates its Feastday annually on the 2nd day of Pentecost (Holy Spirit Day).

Sisterhood welcomes new members and helpers!

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