Sunday School

Our parish Sunday School meets two Sundays a month throughout the school year, from September to June. We presently offer classes for children from preschool through elementary school. We learn about the holy scriptures and our Orthodox faith, sing songs, and do lesson-based crafts and activities. Classes meet from approximately 11:45am to 12:30pm, departing from Liturgy after the conclusion of the Eucharist and returning to the hall in time for lunch. Classes are taught in English, and parents are always welcome to sit in.

Saturday School

The Russian Saturday School at Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral meets every Saturday during the American school year, with a goal of preserving the Russian culture and teaching Russian not only to the children of Russian Orthodox immigrants, but to everyone who wants to get better acquainted with Russia. Children start attending the school when they are 5–6 years old and continue through their graduation from American high school. The school curriculum contains teaching of the Russian language, literature, basics of Orthodox Christianity, music, history of the Orthodox Church, Russia and the Cossacks. For more information, please visit the Saturday School website at

Cathedral Children’s Chorus

Cathedral Children’s Chorus (C3) at HVM is a contingent of the music program at the cathedral and is open to all singers from ages 5-17. The mission of the ensemble is to provide an immersive opportunity for children of all ages to not only develop their choral and musical talent, but also to experience the profound and timeless beauty of Russian liturgical music.

C3 sings at the Divine Liturgy at the cathedral two Sundays per month, and rehearses every Saturday afternoon during the school year from 3:00-4:00 immediately following Saturday School. (On weeks with no Saturday School, choir rehearsal is not held.)

Little Sisterhood

The Little Sisterhood of St. Barbara at HVMLA gives the girls in our parish an opportunity to serve in a formal way during Liturgy by helping with collection, distributing service texts, ushering, and fulfilling various other duties throughout the service.

Altar Servers

Boys ages 5 and up who demonstrate maturity and reverence for the Divine Services are welcome to serve in the altar during Divine Liturgy.

Children’s program registration information can be requested and submitted at any time via email to, and hard copies of registration forms can always be submitted in person at the church office. Registration is ongoing, so children can join at any time!

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