July 7, 2021

Stories like Kirill’s again and again help us realize that there are many kind people in this world who are not indifferent to others’ tragedies.

Kirill was born in Chita, Russia. He was born without ears and ear canals. As a result, he cannot hear. Notably, only 1 out of 9,000 babies are born with this defect. Those who are born with this defect are usually missing one ear. Only 10% of those born with this anomaly are born with no ears at all, like the situation with Kirill.

For Kirill’s mother, it was a complete shock that Kirill was born with this terrible condition because while having her pregnancy check-ups she was never told about it. Although very sad and depressed, this strong woman did not give up and did everything she could to help her son hear this world. She organized marathons and other events to collect money for Kirill’s treatment. Kind people helped, and Kirill’s mother was able to collect enough money to be able to pay for Kirill’s first surgery. Doctors in California (California Ear Institute) agreed to help Kirill by performing the surgery. Kirill and his mother were ready to take their flight to California.

Unbelievably and devastatingly, another tragedy hit this family. The day before their flight to California, Kirill’s mother passed away. She fought for four years for her son to have a chance to hear this world. She put all her energy into her one and only dream — to help Kirill. However, she did not make it to witness her son recover. Little boy Kirill was left in this world not only without the ability to hear but also without his mother.

Fortunately for Kirill, he has an amazing older brother Nikita. When their mother passed away, 24 year old Nikita took it upon himself to continue helping Kirill and to go to California with him for Kirill’s surgery. Nikita felt that it was his responsibility to finish what their mother started – to give Kirill an opportunity to hear this world. Now Nikita has only one dream – for Kirill to be able to hear and lead a normal life.

Upon arrival to California, kind people have been helping Kirill and Nikita by providing them with a place to stay and other living expenses. Kirill had the first surgery that was performed by Dr. Roberson of the California Eat Institute. It was the Right Combined Atresia Repair and Right Microtia Repair. This type of a surgery will both give Kirill the ability to hear and construct the actual ears for him, so he will look like other children.

Kirill’s first surgery was successful. The cost of the surgery was $85,000. Because of the first surgery, now Kirill has one ear. However, in order for Kirill to actually hear, look like other kids, and function normally, Kirill needs a second surgery for the second ear. The second surgery will also costs $85,000. Obviously, Kirill’s brother does not have even close to this sum of money. Therefore, we are trying to help collect the money for Kirill’s second surgery. Every dollar, every cent matters. Please help this boy (who has already been through so much) hear our beautiful world and be able to normally function.

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