Dear parishioners, once again I greet you in the position of Starosta.
We all love our historic Temple and we all worry about its future. My predecessor Leonid Gregory and many other parishioners who passed away (reposed), such as Boris Shalygin, my late husband Subdeacon Eugene Bobrov, Irene Leonov, Zoya Wagner, Matushka Margarita Romanovna Gizetti and others, spent much of their free time for the benefit of decoration and repairs in our Temple.

The result of this work and of their generous financial donations, is our spiritually rich and esthetically beautiful ancient Temple.

As we know, everything ancient needs careful protection and restoration. Father Nazari started this process, and we receive some donations for the restoration and renovation of our unique spiritual shrines. For a long time the problem has been especially acute that we need to arrange more reliable protection for the church, that is why during several Parish Council meetings the installation of a video surveillance system has been considered. It  would help us protect our shrines, in addition, ensure the safety of our parishioners and their belongings, as well as the safety of our clergy, servants and employees of our church, who sometimes in the performance of their duties can stay late in the church or on the premises of the parish.
At the last parish meeting it was unanimously decided to install video surveillance 24/7, which in the first place will allow us to have video evidence in case of unforeseen situations or accusations.
Installation of such a system is, of course, very expensive, but no cost can be compared with the losses that may occur as a result of disappearance of our shrines or other unexpected emergencies. Reviewing several proposals, we selected the average price package of video surveillance at the cost of about $20,000.00. We look forward to your help, and I as Starosta kindly ask you to show your love for our parish with your generous donations. Help us protect our history and thus ensure our future!

                                                                             Alla Bobrov