This last month was a very busy one for the Sisterhood.

The cleaning of the Church went well even though we had only a few people.  I would like to thank Asta Aristov, Alla Bobrov, Reader Vitaly Efimenkov, Marie McEntire, Sundeacon Gai and Tamara Krupenkin, Natalia Hohlova and Andrei Rozin for all their dedicated time to make our Temple shine. 

The Sisterhood had many projects that needed to be taken care of these last few weeks. We purchased a new refrigerator because the old one stopped working.  We exchanged the one in the kitchen and moved it into the Sisterhood garage to store all our soft drinks, and put the new one in the kitchen. It matches the new freezer we purchased a few months ago, which is very nice.

Also, we were able to have the electric floor scrubber repaired instead of buying a new one, which saved us a big expense.

A new towel dispenser was bought for the ladies bathroom and we ended up replacing the rice cooker we use to make kasha.

The Sisterhood work never ends, preparing lunches every week, and beautifying the church with flowers and ironing the analogion covers, which were done by Marie, and purchasing supplies weekly to keep our premises clean.

Thank you one and all.

                                                                         Irene Gregory