This a busy time of year and we would like you to note these dates for your information. The Sisterhood will be assembling "Verba" bouquets on Saturday, April 1st, at 10:30am in the Parish Hall.

We can use extra hands for this project.  If you have bull nose pliers, or any pliers to secure the wire we use, bring them with you. Lunch will be served.

Cleaning of the Church is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, at 9:30 am.  Men and women are encouraged to come.  Please try to donate a few hours to help prepare our Temple for Pascha.  We will be dusting, polishing the woodwork and iconostasis, cleaning the candle stands, floors  and vacuuming the rugs.  This will be followed by our usual lunch.

We will be selling Kulich on Saturday, April 8th before the beginning of the festal vigil.

The Parish Council is ordering the meal after the Easter Liturgy and the Sisterhood will provide pascha, kulich, eggs, coffee, tea and wine. Everyone is encouraged to bring your baskets if you desire.  

                                                                    Irene Gregory