Sisterhood news 

The Sisterhood has been busy preparing for its Patronal Feast Day.  Will report on it in the next Bulletin.

Five new Altar Table covers have arrived and Fr. Nazari has been using them already.  We purchased white, gold, black, purple and burgundy.  We still need blue and green. We also are helping Father purchase several robes for the Deacon when he goes to Ukraine this month.  The Deacon needs various colors to match the vestments for the different holy days. The ladies are still working very hard to prepare a variety of dishes for our Sunday Buffets.  If you noticed, many new dishes have been added as well as homemade desserts.  We thank all those who have added to our menu, and we are grateful for their help.  If anyone wants to make and donate a favorite dish of theirs, we will be sincerely appreciative, and will serve it for our parishioners.  Just let us know if you want to contribute.

         Irene Gregory