July 2019

Sisterhood news 

The Sisterhood has been busy preparing for its Patronal Feast Day.  Will report on it in the next Bulletin.

Five new Altar Table covers have arrived and Fr. Nazari has been using them already.  We purchased white, gold, black, purple and burgundy.  We still need blue and green. We also are helping Father purchase several robes for the Deacon when he goes to Ukraine this month.  The Deacon needs various colors to match the vestments for the different holy days. The ladies are still working very hard to prepare a variety of dishes for our Sunday Buffets.  If you noticed, many new dishes have been added as well as homemade desserts.  We thank all those who have added to our menu, and we are grateful for their help.  If anyone wants to make and donate a favorite dish of theirs, we will be sincerely appreciative, and will serve it for our parishioners.  Just let us know if you want to contribute.

         Irene Gregory   



January 2019

Thank you to all those who took time to come and clean the church for the Nativity Feast. The numbers were few, but much was accomplished. The candle stands gleam, the wood shines, the brass and silver pieces sparkle.  We sincerely appreciate all the effort that was put into this bi-annual event.  

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December 2018

   The last few months we have been constantly repairing and purchasing appliances. Our kitchen dishwasher, the rectory’s dishwasher, purchasing a new stove for the rectory, and now we had to replace two oven thermostats for our kitchen stove.

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November 2018

   The dishwasher in the kitchen was repaired and updated. A special pump was installed. We are now able to have the correct amount of soap and rinse chemicals added automatically at every wash cycle. We are pleased that we did not have to replace the washing machine because the cost is very expensive. 

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October 2018

   At the last Sisterhood meeting we had elections.  The officers are Irene Gregory, president, 1st Vice President, Sasha Wright, 2nd vice president, Tanya Timohovich, Secretary/Treasurer, Ann Chach. 

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September 2018

   At the August meeting elections were held: President, Irene Gregory;1st Vice President, Shasha Wright; 2nd Vice President, Tanya Timohovich; Treasurer/Secretary, Ann Chach. The meeting was well attended.

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August 2018

We are still providing a variety of dishes for the Sunday Buffet. During the rest of the summer, we might vary the menu because of the hot weather. On occasion we may serve only piroshki and soup or just salads. As you know all the proceeds go to help the Cathedral.  

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July 2018

   The Sisterhood Feast Day celebration was very nice.  Our dinner in the Parish Hall was enjoyed by members and friends.  With the summer season upon us, we are still trying to serve a variety of dishes for the Sunday luncheons. We are hoping more ladies will join our organization.  

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June 2018

We have a new burgundy altar table cover and plan to order more in various colors according to the feast days. One set of new priest vestments also arrived from Ukraine. Fr. Nazari was able to wear the purple one during the Fast.

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April-May 2018

The air conditioning unit for the kitchen has arrived and has been installed.  Now when the summer heat comes to Southern California, our ladies will be comfortable and happy preparing lunches for the parish.

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