Father Nazari brought back from Moscow and Mount Athos many new things for the kiosk - icons, tryptychs, dyptychs, beautiful brocade covered folding cases with icons in them, Wedding icons, crosses, black leather cords for neck crosses, lampadas, both standing and hanging type, calendars in Russian, scented oils, charcoal, wicks and wick holders, incense and other. 

Cards for Nativity are arriving this week, and should be out on the shelves this coming Sunday (Nov. 19).  

We also have some lovely hand lacquered eggs on stands, which make very nice gifts for special occasions. 

St. Tikhon monastery calendars will be sold in the Kiosk which feature photographs of some of the churches of the OCA, and planners for 2018.

We have several of the very popular children' stories of lives of the saints in stock. 

As the holiday gift giving season approaches, please consider the many "coffee table" sized books on Icons, Palekh painting and Russian Arts and Crafts, which are all on sale now.

We have literally hundreds of books on the shelves.  Cornel is very good (and very knowledgeable!) at making suggestions for your consideration! 

Have you been in the Kiosk lately?  As always, I invite you to Come and See!

Sister Elizabeth