Have you visited the Kiosk lately?  We have all been very busy with a full cycle of liturgical services these past few months, which have been very nourishing spiritually, and now that the time of Pentecost has come, the pace begins to change.

   Aahhhh!  Summertime! Time to take a breather.  Time to find a "good read" and then find a cool comfy spot to read!  Now the spiritual momentum that we gathered through Great Lent and Paschaltide needs to continue.  There is no "vacation" from spiritual nourishment and spiritual growth.  Our      Kiosk Bookstore is full of books that are on sale for every level and need and age for you to consider. 

   In addition to the books on sale, I have gone through the shelves and pulled out about twenty titles from contemporary elders on living the spiritual life in our rather hectic and stressful times. Please do drop by and take a look.  There is something for everyone.  As always, I invite you to Come and See!

                                                               Sister Elizabeth