Dear Brothers and Sisters,

   Taking this opportunity, I would like to greet you one more time with the feast of the Protection of the Theotokos which we celebrated in October.

   Even though October was not busy with liturgical celebrations and, maybe even on the contrary, our liturgical calendar was very light, it was a very busy month for our parish community: renovation of men’s restroom was finished, some minor repairs were done in the church bookstore and the progressing museum portion, and the largest project was the refinishing of the hardwood floors in our Temple. It took lots of effort on the part of our Parish Council, Sisterhood and some private individuals who offered their time to help in preparation of the Temple before and after renovation. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your assistance, and I also want to thank the anonymous donor who sponsored renovation of the floor. May God bless you all and your families!

   We are striving towards examples set for us by the words of the Holy Gospel: “Well done, good and faithful servant: you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things: enter into the joy of your Lord.”

   Dear Brothers and Sisters,

   In the process of preparation of this major improvement of our Temple, when we took our icons off the church walls we discovered that the walls are in immediate need of repair in the older portion of the church building: major damage to the original plaster was detected. We would like to begin renovation of this as soon as possible, but due to the lack of funds in our budget we cannot begin the necessary work. On behalf of the Parish Council I appeal to your generosity. At the present time we are in the process of collecting quotes, but even from preliminary first sight appraisal, this kind of project will cost at least $25,000. We will inform you of the exact cost as soon as it becomes available, but already at this time - especially with our financial year coming to an end - I’m asking you to consider and make generous donations toward this important cause.

   It is not accidental that I mention the end of the financial year. By this, I want to remind all of you that your donations towards our parish are tax deductible, and while we are helping our parish, we also can take advantage of income tax write-offs. Please help us and join the ranks of the good and faithful servants of our Lord.

   On October 21st, together with the visit of our beloved hierarch Archbishop Benjamin, we received another great treasure for our parish – the icon of the Blessed Matrona with her holy relics. This beautiful icon was donated to us by Mrs. Natalya Gold and her family. We thank the Gold family for their generosity, we thank our friends in Russia who helped us with acquiring this masterpiece and also the relics. By the prayers of the Blessed Matrona, may God grant you many prosperous years!

   Now about upcoming events. The biggest event of November other than liturgical services is our annual fundraiser, the Slavic Festival. This is a great event which brings not only financial support but first and foremost gives a greater exposure to our parish, it’s spiritual and cultural heritage. Lots of guests from other parishes and the neighboring community are expected to visit us on this day. The preparation of this event is very labor intensive. Subdeacon Andrey Aristov is chairman of the Slavic Festival Committee, and started work several months ago to prepare a very detailed program for this year’s festival. We are asking all parishioners to help us in the preparation, set up and take down processes. Help us make our event successful.

   Last but not least, as you know after the retirement of Oziel Paz we were challenged with the task of finding a new custodian.  I’m glad to let you know that we were lucky to find a suitable candidate, and on behalf of our parish I’d like you to welcome Angela Aydirkhanov to our community, and we wish her success in her work.

   I thank all of you for your prayers and greetings on the occasion of my name day, and I pray the Almighty God that by His blessing and our joint labors, our parish will spiritually flourish, grow in quality and quantity, and prosper!

   God bless you all.

 Archpriest Nazari Polataiko