Dear Brothers and Sisters, parishioners of our cathedral,

   June was fairly calm, and we were given the opportunity to keep the Apostles fast in a calm way and without extraordinary projects.

  But also during this quiet month our parish has experienced a great loss. Our long-time, beloved parishioner, prosphora maker, amazing cook, member of the Sisterhood, and just a wonderful person - Tamara Krupenkin departed to the Lord. From the depth of my soul, on behalf of all the parishioners of our cathedral, I once again want to bring our deepest condolences to sub-deacon Gai, to all her relatives and friends. Tamarochka will always be in our prayers. Memory Eternal to her!

    By the time of the release of this Parish Leaflet, I will probably be in Ukraine, visiting my spiritual father and parents. I plan to return on July 5th and resume my duties as Rector.

   On July 15th, our newly repaired space under the Parish Hall will host the opening of the exhibition of the Golitsyns noble family, our parishioners, with the participation of Archbishop Alexander (Golitsyn), grandson of our long-term parishioner princess Lubov Golitsyna.

   In July we will celebrate several great holy days: the Nativity of St. John the Baptist anf the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (old calendar). Again, I want to ask everyone not to miss Divine Services. Yes, summer is a period of rest and entertainment, but first of all we must remember that our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Matthew urged us: "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness" (Matthew 6:33). This kingdom, my dear brothers and sisters, is built on our land and every time we come into the house of God, His Holy Temple brings our heart to the Lord, the Lord turns His grace, mercy and love for mankind and brings his kingdom into our hearts. God bless you!  I ask for your holy prayers during my trip, and I hope to see you all after my return.

   During my absence Father Arkady Mironko will be substituting for me for the Sunday services, and in case of pastoral emergencies please call Father Yousuf Rassam at 714-308-6778 or 818-881-1123.

   Thank you all for your prayers and assistance.  

 Archpriest Nazari Polataiko