Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

   The joyous period of Pascha has come to an end. We celebrated the feast of Ascension and are preparing to celebrate the feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit and to begin the fast of the Apostles Peter and Paul on June 4th.

   Summer is a period when everybody wants to relax, enjoy the sunny California weather, and go to the beach in order to regain our so much needed physical strength. And it’s understandable and normal. However, I would like to encourage you to not forget to care for your spiritual well-being as well, and come to services.

   Again and again I want to appeal to you, our beloved parishioners, with spiritual advice to attend Saturday vigil services and to approach the sacrament of Holy Confession on a regular basis.

   I would like to draw your attention to the brief article on how to approach Holy Communion and what one should or should not do before you come to receive the Holy Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

   On daily matters, I want to thank everybody who helped with preparations for the feast of Pascha: the Sisterhood and flower ladies for their ever-beautiful arrangements, everybody who participated in the cleaning of Temple, the Children’s Choir preparing and singing Paschal hymns during the services, the Saturday School for providing and preparing eggs both real and chocolate and organizing the children's Paschal celebration. 

   As we know after Pascha several important events happened in our cathedral: The Greatest Romantic Masterpieces concert and visitation of the wonderworking icon of the Mother of God "Abbess of Mount Athos."  I want to thank Liana and her team of volunteers and Parish Council members who prepared the Parish Hall, food, silent auction and everything else for another successful concert. Also, I want to thank everybody who helped hosting the delegation that came with the icon of the Mother of God "Abbess of Mount Athos."

   As many of you know, renovations of our new parish bookstore finally ended and it was blessed by Archbishop Benjamin on Palm Sunday. Please come and visit our store as we will regularly update our inventory with new book titles, icons and devotional artifacts. In the very near future we hope to also offer you tasty coffee, tea and desserts so that you can enjoy your spiritual shopping even more. Our kiosk-bookstore is open on Sundays after Liturgy, and weekdays by appointment. Please call the office phone number 323-661-7000 to make an appointment. 

   At the beginning of June we are going to start finishing our church's hardwood floor. From June 4th till June 9-10, services will be held in the Parish Hall. In order for this renovation to go smoothly, we will need your assistance starting the week of Monday, May 28th. All liturgical icons, items and furnishings will have to be moved from the church building. I appeal to all who are able to help with carrying; please come and help on the dates which will be announced at a later time.

   From June 22nd to July 6th I will be on vacation. God willing, on June 24th-25th I will be serving at the cradle of Orthodox monasticism in the lands of Rus in the Kiev Caves Lavra. If anybody would like to pass commemoration slips with the names of your relatives and your close ones you are welcome to do so, so that I can commemorate them during Divine Liturgy.

   During my absence Father Arkady Mironko will be substituting for me for the Sunday services, and in case of pastoral emergencies please call Father Yousuf Rassam at 714-308-6778 or 818-881-1123.


   Thank you all for your prayers and assistance.

   Archpriest Nazari Polataiko