Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


We finished our 40-day journey through Great Lent and our time of the joyful sadness of Holy Week, and once again we are blessed to enter into the glorious celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is the celebration of life, this is the celebration of victory over sin and death, this is the celebration of our entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.

For 40 days we journeyed together with all the mothers and fathers of the Holy Church who with their own lives defended the purity of our Holy Faith, and whose  holy memory we celebrated during the Sunday of Orthodoxy, with the Holy defender of hesychasm St. Gregory Palamas, with the author of Penitential Canon St. Andrew of Crete, with St. Mary of Egypt, with St. John of The Ladder, and with all the other venerable and righteous fathers and mothers who are also together with us celebrating the Holy Day of the Lord’s Pascha. “Christ is risen from the dead and gave us life; Christ is risen from the dead and broke the spear of death that pierced through the human heart; Christ is risen from the dead and men and angels earthly and celestial rejoice today because we are alive in Christ."

May our Lord enlighten every one of us individually, bless our families and parish communities and grant us inner peace and love for each other.


Archpriest Nazari Polataiko