Dear brothers and sisters,
   From the bottom of my heart I would like to greet you on the occasion of the past holidays of Ascension of Our Lord and 
the Feast of Holy Pentecost. Once again I would like to cordially greet the members of the Sisterhood on the occasion of their holiday and to thank them for their work, especially in preparing and decorating the Temple for the Feast of the Holy Trinity.

   Since the last issue of our Parish Leaflet (monthly bulletin), our parish has experienced a great loss, our long-standing parishioner and Starosta Leonid Gregory passed away into life eternal. Memory eternal to him!
   On June 11th, at our monthly parish council meeting, I, as a Rector of Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral, with the blessing of His Eminence Benjamin, Archbishop of San Francisco and the West, appointed Mrs. Alla Bobrov to temporary assume the responsibilities of our parish Starosta. I ask your prayers for me, Mrs. Bobrov, and all Parish Council members, and also I ask you to provide us with all possible assistance in maintaining and developing our parish, especially when our parish is living through such a great loss.

   As you know, Leonid was Starosta for more than 30 years, and he could solve many problems, especially maintenance issues, without help. Now your help will be extremely needed and much appreciated.  I thank you for it in advance.
Speaking about help, I, as
 rector, all clergy, and our parish council are doing everything we can for development and growth of our parish. Lectures are organized, conversations are conducted (individual and general). I try to visit and communicate with as many parishioners and visitors as possible. Our fundraising committee organizes concerts, lunches, fairs, festivals, auctions. Our Parish council strives to do everything possible in order to be as that good servant from the Gospel who wisely used God-given talents for the growth of the Church of Christ. Glory to God for all of this! But to our regret, all our labours are not enough at the moment, and therefore we appeal to you for your help and assistance.
   I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that, although our financial situation is much better this year than it was the years before, we still experience an annual deficit, up to date it is 
over $41,000.00. What does it mean? It means that even our skeleton operating expenses are much higher than our income and we are forced to make up the difference by drawing down from our very humble savings that are coming to an end.
   I appeal to you with a great request: we need to balance the budget of our parish and try to finish our fiscal year without any deficit. It is difficult for one person, but it is absolutely possible, if all of us and each of us donate to our parish a little more than what we are offering today. So let me explain why we need these funds.  We need these funds to cover the cost of electricity, water, gas, employee salaries, office expenses, the Internet, telephone, and many other things that are necessary for the everyday life and mission of our parish. As I mentioned before, our savings that were so generously donated by previous generations of our parishioners are coming to an end. If we value the heritage, the vision of the future and the mission that we inherited from our fathers and grandfathers, the Orthodox Christians of the previous generations in this parish, we must do our best to secure not only today's life and work of our parish, but, taking the example of previous generations, try to secure its future.
   Dear brothers and sisters, dear parishioners and friends of our historical parish, the future of our parish is in our hands. If each of us does not support our church today, be it financially, be it through your God-given talents, or your time and hard work, our children and grandchildren and thousands of newly converted Orthodox Christians may lose the opportunity to pray in this precious pearl of Orthodoxy in the North American continent - Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles.
   I hope for your generosity today.  Generations of Orthodox Christians will thank and pray for you as we pray for all those founders, builders, donors and beautifiers of this God-beloved parish community for many years to come.
   God Save You All!


                                                     Archpriest Nazari Polataiko