Dear brothers and sisters!

    I greet you with the glorious Feast of Pentecost and Spirit Day!

I want to thank everyone who offered their assistance and helped with a preparation of our Church Temple with the beginning of the repairs. I also want to thank those who helped to put everything back together when the repairs were done.


It took a little bit over two weeks to replaster the Church, and I would like to thank again our generous donors for their contributions towards this project.  As you probably heard from me on Sunday, June 9th, I said something that was familiar to everyone who has ever been involved in any sort of building repairs: “when main work was done, we realized that lots of small details weren't included in the budget.” In our case beside the small details we also realize that the main icon that was hanging in the Altar for many years in a very poor and fragile condition. Along with many other icons that were just prints, we would like to replace them with proper hand written canonical Orthodox icons and frescoes. 

      Along with this bulletin, you will receive a wish list with the depictions, sizes and prices for the icons that we would like to renew for our beloved Church. All of these will make our historic Parish even more beautiful and prayerful. These icons can be donated by individuals, families or groups of individuals in memory of deceased family members or friends, or with prayers for the good health and prosperity of the donors. This will be a lengthy project but perhaps some of you will also will want to donate the icon of your patron saint or one of your beloved saints whose name you might find on that list. Please do not order icons yourself without consulting with me prior as we would like to preserve aesthetic of integrity of our Church building and keep all iconography in the same traditional Orthodox style. 

    I thank you sincerely for your continuous prayers for my health. I also would like to ask you to pray that God grants me strength, patience, wisdom and other blessed qualities to continue and successfully complete the rest of such crucial repairs and beautification of our Parish. Our building is almost one hundred years old, and the last major renovations were done about the time I was born into this world (that is about 50 years ago)!

    Now I feel that perhaps I opened up a Pandora's box, as every time we repair something we discover that something else needs to be replaced or fixed. With your prayers, I put my trust in God that He will help us to bring our spiritual home to the level of beauty envisioned once upon a time by our beloved founders and rectors like Father Dimitri Gisetti, Bishop Tikhon, Colonel Dimitri Malinovskiy and Mr. Leo Gregory. May God be with all of us!              

Archpriest Nazari Polataiko