Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

 Using this opportunity, I would like to greet you all with the Feast of the Protection of All-Holy Theotokos that we celebrate in October.  September was marked with many Parish activities: we started new academic year with the Saturday and Sunday Parish schools; Children’s Choir and Little Sisterhood are back and again taking an active part in our services. We finished construction of the new stage in our parish hall, and new floors were installed in the parish hall vestibule and corridors.  After a short vacation that Matushka and I took in September, I am back to start my regular meetings with catechumens, lectures to the parents of the Saturday School, and to conduct classes on Saturday for the next year.

The month of October will be busy with its own activities and regular liturgical services, but - most important - we will be preparing for the November 10th Slavic Festival and the visit of the holy relics of Saint Luke (Voino-Yasenetskiy) the Archbishop of Simferopol. The holy relics will arrive just in time for our festival on November 10th, and will be visiting different Orthodox parishes until they return to Kyiv on November 21st. In a one of the previous bulletins we published a brief life of this much-venerated saint of the 20th century, and in this issue we are printing some of the personal encounters and miracles connected to Saint Luke. I really encourage you to make an effort to venerate the holy relics and share this information with your family and friends even they are not orthodox. You might ask why? But as I mentioned many times in my sermons on Sundays - all members of the Orthodox Church are a Royal Priesthood and have a mission to introduce humanity to the teaching of the Church, its holy tradition and divine services. So let us be good and faithful servants and let us put a lantern with a light of Christ’s Gospel up high where everyone can see it. 


Archpriest Nazari Polataiko