Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

   This year, taking advantage of the preparation of our Parish Leaflet before the Nativity Fast, I would like to wish you all a successful and prayerful Nativity Fast, which begins according to the Gregorian calendar on November 15th and ends on December 25th, and according to the Julian calendar it begins on November 28th and ends on January 7th.

   I want to remind everyone that your prayer, attendance during church services, and communion of the Holy Body and Blood of Our Lord are the main elements of Christian fasting. To these virtues, according to the teachings of the church, we add abstinence from certain kind of food. For this reason, I want to draw your attention to the article at the beginning of this bulletin “About Fasting.” May Our Lord help and strengthen us all and bless us to celebrate the blessed feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ!

   November turned out to be rich in parish events and church services. I want to thank everyone who took an active part in organizing our Annual Slavic Festival, and I want to especially mention the chairman of the Slavic Festival Committee and Parish Council member subdeacon Andrey Aristov, the Sisterhood, which, as always, prepared an extraordinary amount of delicious food, Ekaterina Solovskaya and Anna Semenova for organizing the entertainment, and everyone who took part in the preparation and realization of this event. God bless you all!

   My dear parishioners, many of you wonder why all the icons that have been displayed in our church before the floor renovation were not placed back in the church after the floor project was finished. As it was announced in the previous Parish Leaflet, in the process of preparing for the renovation of the church building, we found that the walls need major repairs. I hope that with God's help and your support, we will be able to start these repairs in the very near future, and therefore not all the icons are being displayed in the Temple to simplify the process of preparing for the repair of walls. As you understand, we cannot start repairs without having enough funds to complete it, and therefore I once again ask you to open your hearts and help us bring our Temple to a worthy condition. God save you all for your prayers and understanding!

   God bless you all.

 Archpriest Nazari Polataiko