We were overjoyed to collect $363 in June for St. Herman's Seminary.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

   The charity collection for July will go to all the monasteries of the Diocese of the West, by request of our beloved Archbishop Benjamin.  There are seven monasteries in our Diocese: Our Lady of Kazan Skete (founded 1979); St. Barbara Monastery (founded 1992); Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery (founded 1993); Monastery of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco (founded 1996); Holy Assumption Monastery (originally founded 1941, reopened in 2009); Monastery of St. Macarius of Egypt (founded 2015) and Monastery of St. John the Baptist (founded 2017). You can find articles about monasticism and monastic vocation carried on our diocesan website (use the link on our own HVMLA website).  We hope that you will continue to generously support the mission work of our parish by contributing on Charity Sundays.

                          Marie McEntire, Chairman