June 2018

   Our June charity collection will go to St. Herman's Seminary.  St. Herman’s Seminary offers a four-year program of theological, liturgical, patristics, and Biblical studies in a progression of one year programs.

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April-May 2018

Our April charity collection will benefit the Gobezie Goshu Home, a charity designated by his eminence Archbishop Benjamin.  This project is located in Adwa, Ethiopia.  It provides housing and food for the elderly of Adwa, supports 900 school children, provides care for around 275 invalids, and provides necessities for 25 prisoners.

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March 2018

   As our beloved Archbishop Benjamin said in his sermon on our parish feast day, we encounter Christ every day in the person of our neighbor.  The fast of Great Lent is not about ourselves; it is about our neighbor, in whom is our salvation.

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December 2017

The children's choir will continue to have rehearsal after Saturday school from 3:00-4:15, and they will sing in church during Liturgy on December 3, December 24, and January 14. They will also sing in the Christmas program at the concert on January 14.

July 2017

   I wish to thank everyone for their generous contributions for the homeless in providing hygenic materials. All items were successfully distributed to the homeless under the Sunset bridge. May God bless each person who contributed.

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May - June 2017

Christ is Risen!
Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our care packages for the needy!  We were able to assemble 15 packages, which were distributed locally on Great and Glorious Pascha.  Special thanks goes to the FORUM study group who assembled all the packages.

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April 2017

As our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us in Mathew 25, which was read to us prior to the Lenten season, the Charity Committee would like to undertake two special projects to help the poor and the needy:

1.) Create care packages of personal hygiene items for the homeless, to be collected on Mary of Egypt Sunday (April 2) to be distributed that same week.

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