On the day of the Holy Spirit, Monday June 5th, the Sisterhood of Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral celebrated their Patronal Feast Day. This is an annual celebration which originated in 1934.

On the morning of the Feast Day, many of the Sisterhood members attended Divine Liturgy and partook of the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. In the evening the Rector of Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Father Nazari Polataiko, celebrated a moleben to the Holy Trinity, before the icon of the Holy Trinity which was written for the Sisterhood many years ago. 

Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) attended the moleben and prayed in the Altar.

All present-day Sisterhood members together with their President Irene Gregory, offered thanksgiving prayers to the All Holy Trinity Our God for help and protection to the self-sacrificial and important work they accomplish for the benefit of the Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral community

After the moleben and before the veneration of the Cross and blessing with holy water, Father Nazari offered words of thanks and deep gratitude to all Sisterhood members - both departed and living - for their love to God and dedication to His Holy Church and Our God-protected parish.

Following the moleben, all members of the Sisterhood and their invited guests assembled in the Parish hall for the celebratory dinner. The guest of honor, Bishop Tikhon  (Fitzgerald), offered a small historic overview of the Sisterhood and thanked the members for their hard work and care.

The traditional signing of the guest book (which started in 1934) took place at the end of dinner followed by singing of "Many Years" to a long-time member of our Sisterhood Tamara Krupenkin, Reader George Abuelkhair and Dr. John Kowalczyk on the occasion of their birthdays.